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Starting a

New Squadron

No Local Squadron in your Area?


What do I need to do to start a new Squadron of the Air Youth?


If you feel that you want to start a new Squadron in an area where you live then contact the State Commissioner in the Information box to get started.


What will you need?


The First thing you will need is a committment to youth.


We require that you have at least three adults to run the Squadron, if you will be having female Cadets then one of your adult will HAVE to be a female.


You will have to undertake training and attend another Squadron while we get the "Paperwork" done, this includes a Police check on all adult members.


A suitable venue will have to fould (contact your local council, they may be able to help).


We will have to recruit new Cadets for the Squadron.


Don't let all this worry you!!!!!!!!!


The State HQ of the Air Youth and other Squadrons, will be there to help you all the way.


At no stage will you be left on your own, to try and work out problems etc, we will support you, till your ready to fly on your own.


Even after this support is only a phone call away.


It can be very Rewarding


The running of your own Squadron is one of the most rewarding activities you can undertake.


Working with young people keeps you young, no really it does.


Making new friends in your area, Cadets is great way to meet new people.


Watching the Cadets and younger Officers develop is a great boost.


So why not try the Air Youth on for size


Contact the State Commissioner today