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Victor Harbor Times 5th Feb 2014



Bowen Pollard receives bravery award for Hawkesbury River rescue



VICTOR HARBOR - A Victor Harbor Air Youth cadet has been awarded for saving the lives of his younger cousins with quick thinking and selflessness in the Hawkesbury River, New South Wales, in January.


Bowen Pollard, 11-years-old, was the first cadet to be awarded the Air Youth of South Australia’s Bravery Award for his effort.


Bowen was on a family holiday in Windsor, NSW, when he, his brother and his cousins went swimming in the river on January 7.


“My cousins went out to the drop off. They went too far out,” he said.


“I saw they were struggling and I jumped in and swam over to help.


“I helped keep them afloat until my aunty could get out.


“It was a little scary.”


Bowen treaded water while his two cousins, aged nine and seven, held onto him - one with her arms around his neck.


His brother Connor, 12, kept their other cousins out of the water until everyone was safely to shore.


Bowen was presented with his award at the Air Youth of South Australia No. 12 Squadron (Victor Harbor) parade on Monday, February 3.


Air Youth of South Australia’s PR officer, and Bowen and Connor’s granddad, Kerry Lawrence said he was “really proud of both of them”.


He said Bowen and Connor were taught to swim by their mother, rather than taking formal lessons.


Bowen said he enjoys swimming and is confident in the water himself, but said other kids swimming should be aware of the dangers.


“Do what your parents say, and keep within your capabilities,” he said.

Cadet Flight Sergeant Bowen Pollard