Highlights March 2015 Flying Day

The March Flying Day went off with a bang.


With 14 Members flying the skies over Murray Bridge, 11 Cadets and one Officer having their first flight.


The day started out with rain on the way to Murray Bridge, but grey skies soon turned to blue, just in time for our flights.


All who flew were allowed to take control of the the Aircraft once they were airborne, with most Members being able to fly streight and level (most of the time)


A/SQNOFF Alarna Case, was by far the most excited person to fly on the day.


A big thankyou goes to the Pavy-Jardihe family for providing the meat for our BBQ lunch.


Our thanks goes to the Recreational Pilots Academy of Murray Bridge AirPort for providing both the aircraft and their pilots, without whom the day would never have taken off



Some of the Photos - more to come