Cadet ranks within the AYSA is used to teach leadership to our Cadets.


To become a cadet leader, our Cadets, have to undergo leadership training, which is divided into:


JNCO Cadet Corporals


SNCO Cadet Sergeants / Cadet Flight Sergeants


Staff Cadets Cadet Warrant Officers / Cadet Officers


What do Cadet Leaders do?


Cadet Corporals (CDTCPL)


A CDTCPL is classed as a Junior NCO, who is a Section Leader in charge of 5 Cadets, or who can be a flag bearer in the flag party.


In some ways the CDTCPL is one of the most important leadership ranks, he or she is the NCO who is the closest to the Cadets. and who should know the Cadets best.


All CDTCPLs should know the duties of the CDTSGT / CDTFLTSGT, so as to be able to fill in for the SNCO when called on to do so.