In a word just about anyone. The AYSA has several types of membership.


Cadet Membership



Cadets' weekly and annual dues vary depending on their Squadron. Additionally, cadets may be charged fees to cover meal and lodging costs at special activities. Insurance is paid annually and covers members at Squadron meetings and all activities and events.



Young people can join the AYSA from 8 to 14 as Cadets. They start out as Cadet recruits and it is up to them how far they go within the AYSA.

Cadets can go from Cadet Recruit to Cadet Officer.


Officer Cadets:

Those young people who are 15 to 18 years of age can join the AYSA as an Officer Cadet, Officer Cadets are Officers in training, these young people will have more leadership training then the other Cadets.



Adult Membership


Officer / Instructor Membership

Minimum age is 18 years; there is no maximum age.


Patron Member

A patron is a supporter of AYSA.


Parent Support Committee Members

Parents of cadets who wish to participate in AYSA with their children in a limited capacity. Applicants must have a child participating in the AYSA and meet all the requirements for officer / Instructor membership.


Life Membership

Granted in recognition of outstanding contributions to the AYSA.


Honorary Membership

Honorary membership is limited to distinguished citizens such as members of Federal or State Parliament, Mayors, etc.


Retired Membership

A member in good standing with a minimum of 10 years’ service as an Officer, not necessarily continuous, is eligible to retired Membership.