First off no you do not need to have a military background to be an Officer or Instructor with the AYSA.


That out of the way, our Adult members come from all walks of life and with a varity of different life experiences, to share with the Cadets. Some of the different backgrounds our adult members have are:


Housewife / Mother




Retired Aircraft Engineer


Grand Father

Military (both active and retired)


So you can see from this short list that people from ALL walks of life are Instructors and Officers of the AYSA.


You will need to give from around 2.5 hrs a week to your Squadron Parade Night, while other activities can include the Squadron Staff Meeting, at home planning of your next lesson. State HQ and the Squadrons hold weekend training through out the year.


So some Adult members give just 2 - 4 hours a week while some give anything up to 60 hours a week. The AYSA understands that Your Family and Job MUST come first, so if you cannot make to a weekly parade, all we ask is that you contact your Squadron Commander ASAP, so he / she can organise a work around for the night.


Adult Membership of the AYSA is divided into Instructors (NCOs) and Officers. All new adults start off as a Sergeant (Instructor) and after completion of your Induction Course are promoted to Flight Sergeant (Instructor).


After this it is up to you if you work you way up to Warrant Officer or "go Commission" and become an Officer. Most Adult can expect to reach either Warrant Officer 1 or Flight Officer while they are with the AYSA, while some Adult go on to higher rank by taking on a senior role in the management of the AYSA.


All our adult staff share a common interest in the welfare / development of the young people in South Australia. All adult staff of the AYSA are required to have a S.A. Police check (at no cost to the to the member).