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State Commissioner Lawrence at the controls of the 737............................ Simulator.




























On Wednesday 5th August 2015 two of my mates (Dave and George) and I were able to take the controls of the 737 simulator and fly around both New YorkCity and Glasgow.


While I did circuits and touch and goes in New York City. George did his circuits and touch and goes at Glasgow Airport.


While the whole thing took only an hour, it seemed to be over in minutes.


The flight was a birthday present from my four daughters, we are now talking to the owners to get the AYSA Cadets into the simulator, more news to follow.


The Squadrons have a video of the flight, so if you want to see what it was like, see your Squadron Commander, for a loan of the video.


As 2015 comes to its end and the Squadrons are starting to think of Prize Presentation night and the Xmas shut down period. It is good to reflect on what the AYSA has achieved this year, we have had more Cadets flying this year then we have had for many years.

The Range Day was a great success, with over 25 members attending on the day.


The New Officer / Instructor rank structure and the new Cadets grades have been introduced.


The Annual Fun Camp was a great weekend enjoyed by all who attended, it is sad (for me) that it will be my last "staying overnight" camp, I will still be there doing the organizing etc. and I will visit the camp on the Saturday.


I would like to wish all the AYSA family a happy and safe Xmas / New Year, and I look forward to seeing everyone next year.


Kerry L Lawrence

State Commissioner (AYSA)


Update 29th April 2016


For the first time in years the AYSA was represented at ANZAC Day Dawn Services from Peterborough to Victor Harbor, quite a lot of space to cover


The AYSA has doubled its numbers since January 2016. The average size of our Squadrons is now 10.3 members.


I have been working on the New Cadet Log Book, a personal record for Cadets to record their time in the AYSA, more news later.


Work is well under way on the July NCO Training weekend, again more news as the weekend gets nearer.


The Formation No 2 Squadron (Peterborough) is now flying along, with a venue for the Squadron to meet now in place.


I want to welcome FLTOFF Ben Fisher Squadron Commander No 2 Squadron (Peterborough) and 2nd Officer Shaun Faggotter and SGT(I) Katrina Orr who will be the Squadron Admin Officer.


A public meeting has been organised for 19th May 2016 at the Peterborough Youth Centre, starting at 7:00 pm.


The Range day is all set for the 19th June 2016 at 1:00 pm. This year we are only allowed 14 Cadets shooters so 7 slots will be offered to No 1 and No 12 Squadrons. Also this year we can only have 10 year olds and over (State Law).


I have been in contact with the SA Marine Cadet Group, and I have invited them to attend the AYSA Annual Camp in November, I hope they can make it along.


No 1 Squadron has welcomed back former CDTSGT Adrian Frost to the AYSA, Adrian has joined No 1 SQN as a Cadet Officer, and will be helping with drill training as well as other training. If you know any one we are looking for two more Officers for No 1 Squadron.


Lastly but not least I want to welcome into the AYSA two new Officers, Wing Officer Graham Morris (Northern Wing Commander) and Squadron Officer Michael Joy who is now the State Admin and finance Officer.


WNGOFF Morris has hit the ground running with both the formation of No 2 SQN (Peterborough) and the organisation of the NCO Training weekend.


SQNOFF Joy's first job with AYSA will be to Coordinate with the SQNCMDRs and myself, what forms are needed and how they are to be used by the SQNs.


All in all, it is a very good time to be in the AYSA.



Kerry L Lawrence

State Commissioner (AYSA)






23rd May 2016


Just to let you know SQNOFF Alarna Case Squadron Commander No 1 SQN has given birth to a healthy, lovely baby girl

Stats are:


7 poundish

54 cm long

Violet Rose

Everyone in the AYSA sends Alarna congratulations on the birth of Violet Rose



Wednesday 12th October 2016


A sad and Exciting day for the AYSA today, we have moved out of our Old Building that we have had for 32 years and moved into Building No 56 on the main drag (Anderson Dr), let's hope the next 32 years are even better for the AYSA.


About 20 Officers/Instructors and Cadets spent Wednesday 12/10/2016, both moving and tossing out the gear at our old building and setting up in No 56.


Our old building is scheduled to be demolished in about three weeks, it will be really sad to see the old building going after such great service to the AYSA.


They say when a door closes another one opens, and that's what happened today.


Air Youth of SA Inc.


State Commissioner

Kerry L Lawrence JP (Retired)