From the State Commissioner

As the State Commissioner of the Air Youth I would like to welcome you to our new online home, this new web page has been a long time in development, but it has finally arrived.


The AYSA has a proud history starting in 1984 with our Founding Commissioner The Late Mr Peter Munson, who while an officer with the then call ATC, decided that what was missing in South Australia was an organisation not unlike the ATC (or now call Australian Air force Cadets), but who could cater for whose youngsters who were not old enough to join the Air force Cadets, but who still wanted to have some of the same kind of training / adventure/ fun that "the older kids, were having".


With this in mind Peter organised the formation of No 1 Squadron of the AYSA, which would be open to kids from 8 to 18.


Thus the AYSA has continued to this day some 34 years later, with now more updated training more adapted to the kids of today, but while still maintaining the tradition of the AYSA


All adult members of the AYSA are volunteers who give freely of their time to help the young people of the AYSA, all our adult members undergo training to help them look after the young people in our care, on week night training parades and our bush training camps, our two flying days each year and of course our all fun weekend annual camp .


As for myself I have been working with youth for around 40 years now (where does the time go?), I have a wife (Sue) and four daughters and now 9 grand kids I have been in both the old CMF (Army Reserve) and served full time in the RAAF. I am now retired, and give my full time to the AYSA.


As State Commissioner my staff and I have the task of Development of the whole AYSA, the creation of new and relevant training courses and on going updating of our current training books. Organisation of camps, flying days and events that involve more then one local Squadron


I have always believed that the most important member of the AYSA is that Cadet in the local Squadron on a week night training Parade, because without them we do not exist, so all my Officers in the AYSA are trained to understand that we are only here for the Cadets and the Cadets alone.




Air Youth of SA Inc.