Rank Badges

No Rank Badge

Cadet Recurit







Leading Cadet




Senior Cadet 2





Senior Cadet 1


These five grades of the same rank.



Cadets Start out as Cadet Recruits and progress to Cadet and following a set time will be regraded to Leading Cadet and then to Senior Cadet 2.



Senior Cadet 1 is held for Cadets who have passed the Leadership course for Cadet Corporal, but have not been promoted yet.


Junior NCO


Cadet Corporal


Senior NCO


Cadet Sergeant


Senior NCO


Cadet Flight Sergeant


The Step on the promotion Ladder. Cadet Corporals will be in charge of a Section of 5 Cadets/Leading Cadets and Senior Cadets

The first SENIOR rank for Cadets. The SNCO I/C of a Flight of 2 or 3 Sections or may be the SNCO I/C of the Flag Party

Only one Cadet Flight Sergeant per Squadron, the senior of all the Cadet Sergeants.


As per the Cadet Sergeant except CDTFLTSGTs do not join the Flag Party

Staff Cadet


Cadet Warrant Officer


Staff Cadet


CadetUnder Officer


Officer Cadets

1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year

Each year on the anniversary of their joining the AYSA, Officer Cadets are "promoted" to the next year level (as long as they have performed to the standard required).


Officer Cadets at the completion of their 3rd Year will be offered promotion to adult ranks of either WOFF2 or 2nd Officer, the choice will be up to them.


Officer Cadets wear the normal AYSA adult uniform.


While they wear the peak cap with an Officer Cap Badge, the cap will have a light blue band around the cap as opposed to the Officers/Instructors who wear a black band around the cap and Cadet Officers who wear a white band around the cap.


Only one Cadet Warrant Officer per Squadron


Cadet Warrant Officers are the "go to" Cadet within the Squadron.


They control the Squadron Parades and with the Squadron Warrant Officer (adult rank), look after the welfare, drill and discipline of the Squadron


The highest rank a Cadet can reach within the AYSA.


Squadron can have several Cadet Under Officers.


Cadet Under Officers are instructors, staff officers, command the weekly parades at the start and end of the night.


For a Cadet to reach Cadet Under Officer, they have to be the VERY best.


They are saluted by Cadets and call "Sir of Ma’am", Adult members address them as “Mr. or Miss”.


Cadet Officers


Those new members who 16 years and older may join the AYSA as a Cadet Officer.


Cadet Officers are "Officers in Training" these Cadets are given more Leadership training as well as hands on experience in conducting lectures/drill/ and other leadership roles.



All the above is carried out under the watchful eye of more senior experienced Instructors/Officers